Publications & Services

Shoreland provides a full line of publications and services to meet the travel medicine practitioner's needs, whether in a private clinic, a multinational corporation, a government agency, or a university health service.

For more than 30 years, Shoreland Travax ( has been the premier clinical decision support tool for travel medicine practitioners in all practice settings—private clinics, pharmacies, public and student health, and corporate and government use. Travax helps providers make decisions based on the clearest independently researched risk-mitigation recommendations available. More »

Shoreland subject matter experts produce and deliver educational programs and training designed to meet subscriber requirements ranging from individual travel medicine provider training to large scale traveler education. These programs are designed to help subscribers identify and mitigate the risks of travel abroad, and assist medical directors with complex decision making at the corporate level. More »

Information on establishing, operating, and marketing travel health services in a variety of practice settings, including a pharmacy-specific edition. More »

This full-color 92-page booklet is a primer that acquaints the international traveler with important travel health and safety issues. More »