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Information on establishing, operating, and marketing travel health services

Travel Clinic Operations Guide

This guide is designed to help travel medicine practitioners establish and operate a travel clinic in a cost-effective manner while promoting quality care. Included are materials that have been designed to help increase efficiency, standardize the delivery of service, reduce the administrative workload, and diminish overall operating costs.

The Travel Clinic Operations Guide also provides a listing of the items needed to open a clinic, suggestions for hiring staff, an overview of travel medicine resources, and a wealth of marketing and promotion ideas. There are also guidelines on how to order, store, and administer routine and travel-specific vaccinations, plus basic forms, policies, and procedures for staff to follow when communicating and seeing patients.

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Pharmacy Travel Health Clinic Operations Guide

The Pharmacy Travel Health Clinic Operations Guide provides an overview of the resources and travel-specific information useful to those starting and maintaining an international travel health clinic or administering travel-related vaccines within the context of a pharmacy practice. It focuses on aspects of clinic operations that are unique to the pharmacy practice of travel medicine. Non-physician initiation of vaccines or travel-related medication is increasingly common but varies widely by state or province; thus, pharmacists should understand local law related to vaccine and prescription medication provision. Those practicing in the US can consult the US Travel Health Pharmacy Laws by State document to determine status in their location.

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