Travax provides a wealth of information for 239 countries

Overview. An "at-a-glance" view of the health and safety concerns present, with quick-link access to maps and the various elements of the detailed Medical Summary content.

Medical Summary. A country-specific report that includes the following elements:

  • COVID-19. Information about COVID-19 cases, per capita rates, and current trends; border controls, entry restrictions, and quarantine and medical requirements; and travel recommendations from Shoreland and the US CDC.
  • General Information. A brief statement of the country's economic status, location, and climate.
  • Travel Vaccinations. Carefully nuanced travel-related vaccine recommendations are listed. Any relevant yellow fever entry requirements are stated, and a separate paragraph details whether yellow fever vaccine is recommended for health protection (and if so, for which specific areas of the country).
  • Routine Vaccinations. Recommendations for routine vaccinations that should be updated for travel.
  • Malaria. A geographical explanation of protective recommendations corresponds exactly to the malaria map for the country. A separate statement notes the indicated preventive drug(s) and the importance of insect precautions.
  • Travelers' Diarrhea. A general assessment of TD risk levels is given for each country along with the appropriate treatment options.
  • Current Health Bulletins. Notification of disease outbreaks and health concerns of an episodic nature.
  • Current Safety Bulletins. Notification of safety and security risks of an episodic nature.
  • Other Concerns. Additional diseases and other significant health concerns are addressed, including vector-borne diseases, food- and water-borne illnesses, tuberculosis, AIDS, altitude issues, and more.
  • Security. Summary of important warnings from consular authorities and other government organizations.
  • Medical Care. A general assessment of the country's health care infrastructure is accompanied by information about how travelers access and pay for medical care.

Maps. Detailed, multi-colored malaria, yellow fever and elevation maps, when applicable, are provided in low-resolution format for quick on-screen viewing and in high-resolution PDF format for excellent color printing. A Technical Explanation of Malaria Mapping document describes the enhanced approach to malaria mapping presented in Travax. A map of meningococcal vaccine recommendations for African countries is included as applicable, and a general Google map lets you search for locations within each country. Fully searchable versions of the malaria, yellow fever, and elevation maps with Google Maps integration are also available. The search feature uses the same Google Maps interface as the general country map, making it possible to search for and locate places not shown on the standard maps, and elevation map search results include the location's elevation in both meters and feet. (Share this handout with your colleagues.)

It's a Game Changer – Thank You!

We love the Shoreland interactive malaria maps. I have spent hours and hours and hours over the last decade trying to determine prevention needs for all kinds of obscure destinations – small islands, remote villages – even just a campsite with a longitude and latitude.

This new feature has saved me an enormous amount of time. It's really a remarkable improvement.

—Travax Subscriber

Cross-Cultural Considerations. Information to aid travelers to unfamiliar countries, including guidance on local laws (e.g., restrictions on dress, photography, religious practice, and sexual activity), tips to facilitate social interactions and prevent offending local sensibilities, and advice on the country's cultures and customs (e.g., meals, attire, and etiquette).

Consular Advice. A compilation of safety and security information from the consular websites of the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, as well as from additional open-source material. It includes current travel warnings and bulletins, plus specific safety advice, embassy addresses, and other topics of importance to travelers.

Hospitals. Brief contact information is listed for one or more medical facilities that may be appropriate choices for travelers requiring medical services (not available for all destinations).

Basic Protective Measures. The ABCs of travel health and safety are covered in this document to avoid repeating them in every country profile (e.g., food and beverage advice, insect precautions, STDs, and crime avoidance).

Vaccine Handout. This checklist provides travelers with succinct information on each vaccination that may be recommended for the destination, and checkboxes to indicate whether the vaccine was given or declined.

WHO and CDC Statements. For convenient cross-referencing, Travax includes each organization's verbatim statements on malaria and yellow fever.

Other Traveler Handouts. A list of ready-to-print traveler handouts for the vaccines, diseases, and other health and safety topics that are relevant to the destination.