The Internet is loaded with information of all kinds—good and bad, and often of unknown origin. Travax information comes from an extensive sifting process by full-time medical experts, epidemiologists, and professional editors who identify quality data and use it to create actionable risk assessments and preventive recommendations delivered in an easy-to-use format.

Industry-Leading Travel Medicine Resource Since 1986

For more than 35 years, Shoreland Travax (www.travax.com) has been the premier clinical decision support tool for travel medicine practitioners in all practice settings—private clinics, pharmacies, public and student health, and corporate and government use. Travax helps providers make decisions based on the clearest independently researched risk-mitigation recommendations available.

  • One-stop online solution for all traveler-specific health and safety guidance.
  • Supports consistent, quality-controlled patient care and staff training across the entire practice.
  • The most detailed independently researched malaria prevention maps available from any source.
  • Intuitive Report Builder interface and ready-to-use traveler education handouts save you time at the consultation—no more time-consuming research and compilation while patients wait.
  • Essential tool for organizations planning for and supporting operations abroad, ensuring compliance with "duty of care" standards for traveling employees and expatriates.
  • Free subject matter and technical support from our full team.
  • Free CME for Travax use in daily patient care.

Travax malaria, yellow fever, and elevation maps are now fully searchable with Google Maps integration, and elevation map search results include the location's elevation in both meters and feet.

Fast, Accurate Updating

Shoreland's sole priority is timely updating of relevant travel health and safety information, letting us publish important alerts and regulatory changes days or weeks sooner than organizations with other priorities or official limitations on their reporting.

  • Research staff dedicated to travel health monitor more than 100 sources, including CDC and WHO, and consult Shoreland's network of trusted collaborators in key locations around the globe.
  • Urgent developments in travel health and safety information are reviewed daily, transformed into actionable guidance, and immediately incorporated across Travax—no waiting for hard-copy updates.
  • Subscribers enrolled in Travax email alert services receive breaking news as it is processed.

Unsurpassed Depth and Experience

Shoreland has an experienced team of more than 40 medical professionals, researchers, software developers, editors, customer service representatives, and executives who focus solely on maintaining and enhancing Travax, ensuring users always have the best possible experience. Our people include:

  • Expert medical team with extensive experience in the fields of travel and tropical medicine overseeing content development and updating in consultation with experienced medical advisory board members and global network partners.
  • Skilled journalists, editors, and publishing specialists with decades of combined experience creating and managing unique Travax content.
  • A team of senior software developers have each worked on Travax for more than 20 years, and they are supported by additional developers and an IT team that maintain the Travax website with a high-availability architecture in a secure data center.
  • Dedicated malaria team with in-depth GIS experience follows independent research protocols, continually evaluating available data to prepare and produce timely map-based preventive recommendations.
  • Additional GIS specialists produce detailed elevation and yellow fever maps to support risk assessment and create incident-specific maps when needed.
  • Team of epidemiologists following protocols for monitoring global disease surveillance data to continually update risk-mitigation recommendations and identify emerging threats.
  • Research team focused on building capability profiles for medical facilities around the globe.
  • Safety and security specialists monitor major news outlets and the consular services of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to generate alerts and recommendations that reflect current conditions.
  • Growing global network of active practitioners and leading academic faculty in the fields of travel and tropical medicine, providing information about local conditions and care capabilities, plus unusual patient issues they encounter, and responding to periodic surveys related to Travax content.
  • Collaborative working group of corporations and government entities with physical operations and medical personnel in nearly every country providing feedback on Travax recommendations, monitoring for unusual local health activity, and providing on-the-ground knowledge when unusual outbreaks occur.

Content Characteristics

Expert-vetted, relevant, and concise

  • All content is filtered to exclude the unimportant "noise" of non-essential alerts and news items, focusing solely on what's important for patient care and counseling.
  • Information is subject-matter-expert vetted, concise, up-to-date, and actionable.

Uniformly organized, presented consistently

  • All documents of similar type use the same structure to deliver the content so users know where to expect to find the information they are seeking.
  • The language used to present risk and prevention information is standardized throughout Travax so it is easily recognized and understood by users.


  • Expert risk-mitigation guidance reconciles near-real-time information with new and existing advice from authoritative national and international bodies, with priority placed on needs of individual travelers beyond the context of public health considerations.

Free CME for Use in Daily Patient Care

In addition to licensing requirements, specialty Boards increasingly require CME hours for Maintenance of Certification Programs. Each use of Travax to research information or generate a report for a traveler has been approved for 0.5 Prescribed Credits from the American Academy of Family Physicians (up to a maximum of 20 credits per year). AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™ toward the AMA Physician's Recognition Award. When applying for the AMA PRA, Prescribed credit earned must be reported as Prescribed, not as Category 1.

It is up to each individual user or subscribing organization to determine whether either AAFP Prescribed credit or AMA PRA Category 1 credit is accepted by any organization or accrediting body to which they wish to report continuing education credits for Travax use.

Travel medicine practitioners who have earned the ISTM CTH® can earn up to 60 of the required 200 renewal points with Travax use because each Travax CME credit equals 1 Self-Directed Learning point.

Features Quick Summary

Having a continuously updated library of travel medicine literature and teaching sheets and a collection of country-specific profiles for nearly 240 countries and territories in one location can save you a lot of time as you prepare for a travel consultation. And by using Travax Report Builder, you can produce a comprehensive, custom counseling report for a typical multi-country itinerary in under a minute.

Report Builder

  • Fast, easy way to create counseling reports for your travelers, with the option to pick a preconfigured format or define (and save) your own custom settings to get the content you want. Automatically determines if yellow fever vaccination is required for entry based on the travel itinerary.
  • Simply select the desired report format or select specific components, enter itinerary countries and/or library topics to include, and then view, print, or download the report. Downloaded reports are PDF files you can email to travelers and save for your records.
  • All maps are consolidated into a single report with a fast preview view and the option to search or view in interactive mode.


  • Covering nearly 240 countries and territories, an "at-a-glance" overview offers a quick assessment of issues while an in-depth medical summary provides carefully nuanced vaccine recommendations, detailed independently researched malaria prevention measures, assessment of travelers' diarrhea risk and effective medications, other important health risks, security concerns, and medical care infrastructure assessment and access information.
  • Detailed country maps for malaria and yellow fever show where specific preventive measures are recommended, and elevation maps are included for countries with territory above 2,800 meters (9,200 feet). Fully searchable versions of these maps with Google Maps integration are now available, and elevation map search results include the location's elevation in both meters and feet. A general Google map also lets you search for locations within each country.
  • Additional country-specific documents include a recap of basic protective measures, an analysis of cultural conventions intended to help travelers avoid missteps and misunderstandings, consular advice with important safety information and embassy contacts, a summary vaccine handout, hospital profiles, and verbatim current CDC and WHO statements for malaria and yellow fever for those who need to consult these resources.


  • More than 100 travel health topics are available for research with multiple document types available for many, including academic-quality provider summaries, traveler teaching sheets, and Travax Literature Watch Reviews (abstract, commentary, and conclusion for published articles selected for their impact on the practice of travel medicine or addition to the knowledge base).
  • Two clinic operations guides are included to help practitioners implement and grow travel health services. The Pharmacy Travel Health Clinic Operations Guide focuses on delivery of services in the pharmacy environment and contains policy and procedure sample documents that can be tailored to individual practices. A more general Travel Clinic Operations Guide addresses other medical practice environments.

Email Subscriptions

  • While Travax is a powerful information repository, it's also a valuable alert service. When users enroll in this optional service, breaking travel medical and safety news is emailed to them. Enrollees may also choose to receive new Literature Watch Review articles by email.

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